$750.00 Coming Soon


The irreverent "Unprecedented" Capsule Collection is coming soon!

Due to all kinds of circumstances this awesome new capsule collection, titled "Unprecedented" isn't actually dropping until early July. However, you can nab some pieces early by jumping on the PRE SALE!!!

The sale goes live:

Thursday 13th May at 10am EST

As always, only x5 spots will be available and they will be for $750.

The irrelevant "Unprecedented" Capsule Collection is quirky fun.

2020 left us all in pieces and thus in these "Unprecedented" times, that's exactly what I am serving you. Glorious pop fun pieces of jackets that you can mix and match...or not. No more over heating in your fur. You'll be able to style these pieces to perfection and keep them on all through the day or night. But that's not all, the "Unprecedented" Capsule Collection will also be serving a delicious array of ready to wear & accessories.

There is stuff for everyone in this Collection that is designed to make you smile.

I love doing the Pre Sales. It's a win win for me. It helps me get the Collection over the line and also means these awesome new pieces will be on bodies in the world spreading fluffy magic once the Collection drops. It's ace!!

As some of the pieces aren't full jackets, I'll be setting it up so that you can get combinations of particular items.

If interested you can contact me from Thursday and I can show you some of the pieces already made, the sketches and the combination of items together that you can get.

However, don't delay. This usually sells out pretty quickly as it is a super great deal. So it truly is best to just jump in!

Please note, if jumping on this sale, you will get your pieces once the Collection drops in July.