Image of Toad-a-bone

Toads, tarot, cute little koala bears, fuck the world cards, chain, metallic fringing, tulle frills, bright green faux fur with fluorescent pink details on a classic Aussie Driza-bone silhouette!!!

Now that's a jacket!

Originally created for Vermin the Label's Melbourne Design Week show in 2020, this piece is part art, part fashion. A homage to Australia, pop, comedy and the fucking bullshit of 2020 - hence all the tarot & fuck cards.

Toad-a-bone is lined in a cotton rainbow leopard print fabric and is closed with metallic hook and eyes. All cards & koalas are just pinned on and can be removed.

This truly is a bonkers and stylish one of a kind piece. It is the only one in existence and never to be repeated.

Toad-a-bone deserves an outrageously stunning home. Do it beauty!

Who said high fashion couldn't be comical!!


Image of Toad-a-bone Image of Toad-a-bone Image of Toad-a-bone Image of Toad-a-bone