Hollywood Collection Lana Turner Jacket

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Image of Hollywood Collection Lana Turner Jacket

Gun Shy has an abundance of delicious Silver Leopard Faux Fur
that we want to make it into delicious jackets for all you lovers!

Leopard fur never ever goes out of style.
It is a timeless, on point pattern that oozes glamour, style
and of course ROCK N ROLL!

The jacket will strictly be made only in leopard fur with either black or red lining.
If you want any other detail, the sale price will not apply.

These are crazy cheap prices. We just want Gun Shy leopard beauties out in the world!! 

Jump on it lovers!!


The Hollywood Collection is power & glamour with a touch of Gun Shy eccentricity. A collection centred around bringing timeless glamour back into the realm of today.

More than that though, the Collection is a homage to the absolutely inspiring, talented, glamorous and the first real Power Women of Hollywood. These women paved the way of pure fierceness in an industry fuelled by misogynistic men.

Gun Shy salutes every one them.

The Lana Turner Jacket is a dream. A delicious cocooned silhouette with an over exaggerated shawl collar. Total immense glamour like Lana Turner herself. Named the most "glamorous woman in the history of international art", this jacket can only attempt to do this Femme Fatale justice. The sleeves also are a wondrous over exaggerated shape, just to add a playfulness to this simple Hollywood glamourous silhouette. Wonderfully worn snuggled in or hanging off the shoulders. Every way is sass central.

Nothing says glamour more, than the Lana Turner.

Details can be customised to suit. Clasps can either be traditional fur hook & eyes or the statement frog closure. There are also options to have a x2 coloured jacket eg. Black/White. The World is your Oyster! Power Glamour can be even more Powerful depending on your needs and desires. We aim to please.

All Gun Shy garments are lovingly handmade with fierceness and care. Each piece is a unique timeless wonder, one of a kind garment, using complex pattern making and construction. To own and strut in a Gun Shy garment is a powerful thing, a secret which all Gun Shy owners know. Come join us.

Great layby terms also available on all Gun Shy pieces - contact us at gunshydesign@gmail.com if you wish to arrange a layby.


Faux Fur: Modacrylic
Lining: Polyester

MODELS: Frankie Valentine, Zelia Rose, Dan Newell
MUA: Lou McLaren
WIGS: Steve Monroe


Image of Hollywood Collection Lana Turner Jacket