CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket

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Image of CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket

The CIRQUE DE MERDE Collection is a delicious androgynous OTT Goth Pop Alien/Clown Collection!!!! WTF you say. Yes, we are saying that too…..

The clowns have taken over the world and the only viable option is to be abducted by aliens. So here at Gun Shy we have created the perfect jackets to impress these Supreme Superior Beings above. One must dress to impress in order to increase your chances of alien abduction.

The beyond Alien Abductee Jacket is a straight up deluxe, streetwise piece to get you on board that spaceship. Those Aliens will abduct you in a minute if they see you in this recherche´ jacket. They won’t do any crazy experiments on you though because they will treat you like a God. The Alien Abductee Jacket is fashion glamour to take you to another universe. The only jacket to escape these treacherous times....

The Alien Abductee is made with a beautiful velvet style short faux fur, contrasted with a longer fox faux fur, tulle & PVC. A genderless jacket which features a large collar & lapel in beautiful fox faux fur; PVC alien detail on the back with fun furry eyes; short frilled tulle detail down the arm which can be made in whatever colour you chose; PVC pleating on the cuff; absolutely fun, quirky and down right cool fox faux fur facing on the hem, which results in the most fabulous fluff around the bottom of the jacket and of course the statement “I WANT TO LEAVE” badge on the lapel. The Alien Abductee jacket is also fully lined with a shiny black satin and has inseam pockets.

Details can be customised to suit. There are colour options for the tulle & the PVC cuff detail can be omitted.

All Gun Shy garments are lovingly handmade with fierceness and care. Each one of a kind garment is individually made with mantras & meditations of love & peace poured into them. Gun Shy believes this manifests goodness, power & awesomeness into the wearer and will eventually bring about world peace. No biggie there.... Each glorious piece is a unique timeless wonder, one of a kind garment that uses pain staking complex pattern making and construction. To own and strut in a Gun Shy garment is a powerful thing, a secret which all Gun Shy owners know. Come join us. Are you ready to Stop Traffic – well Stop Spaceships!


Faux Fur: Modacrylic
Tulle: Rayon
Lining: Polyester

MODEL: Sam Carew-Reid, Zelia Rose
MUA/SPFX: Lou McLaren
STYLIST: Rose Chong Costumiers
ACCESSORIES: Alexandra Blak


Image of CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket Image of CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket Image of CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket Image of CIRQUE DE MERDE AW18 - "Alien Abductee Devotee" jacket