Lay-by's are available for Gun Shy items. It is a wonderful way to acquire your special treasured piece. Please see below for the full terms and conditions.

If you are interested in a lay-by, the process is very simple. Firstly, contact Gun Shy directly at to discuss your desired item.

After discussions with Gun Shy about the item, an invoice will be sent through via email. For Australian clients, part payments can be made via EFT at the bottom of the invoice. For international clients, a series of invoices are usually sent to cover part payments as EFT isn't available. The amounts are worked out directly with clients and invoiced emailed with these amounts. These are then paid in full for each invoice either by credit card or PayPal.

Once 50% of the lay-by is paid, the item will be made. Part payments can continue as negotiated with Gun Shy. When the item is finished, Gun Shy will let the client know. Full payment is required in order to attain the Gun Shy piece.

Regular communication and payments is required for the lay-by process. If clients cease to contact Gun Shy, nor make payments, longer than 6 months, Gun Shy will make a final effort to contact the client. If no contact is made, the item will become the property of Gun Shy and any money on the deposit will be forfeited.

The lay-by period can be any length as long as regular monthly payments are made. There is no minimum for the regular payment.

A deposit must be a minimum of 10%.

A minimum lay-by sale is $100.

There is no lay-by on Sale Items.

The customer or Gun Shy has the right to cancel a lay-by before work has begun on the piece. At this stage, if a cancellation occurs, a full refund is possible minus a cancellation charge for administration costs. A cancellation fee of $50 will apply. If work has already begun on the piece, a cancellation isn't possible. If a client requests to cancel, there will be no refund and the piece will become the property of Gun Shy.

There are no returns or exchanges on custom lay-by items with the exception of faulty goods or in accordance with your legislated rights. There are returns or exchanges for all other Gun Shy items. These must be within 14 days of purchase, the item must be in perfect condition, must not have been worn or have any faults.

Please contact Gun Shy directly via email if interested in a lay-by option.