Kathryn Jamieson, the creative force behind Gun Shy, is a trailblazing designer at the helm of a fashion label that redefines luxury with both High End and Ready-to-Wear faux fur jackets. Her journey began in 2015 with the groundbreaking "Monster Madness" collection, and since then, she has delivered seven major faux fur collections, including "Pimp It Bitch," "Hollywood," "Cirque De Merde," "Big Bad Wolf," "Dreamland," and "Unprecedented." Her designs have captivated fashion enthusiasts worldwide, earning acclaim from luminaries such as Violet Chachki, Kate Ceberano, Em Rusciano, The Wu-Tang Clan, Jodie Harsh, Ngaiire, and Conchita Wurst.

Gun Shy is a vibrant and dynamic fashion label influenced by a myriad of factors, including glamour, art, travel, emotions, dreams, imagination, life experiences, fun, street culture, history, politics, theatre, style icons, drag queens, unconventional individuals, anti-establishment values, and personal style.

Kathryn's journey is rooted in her upbringing as a working-class kid from St Albans and West Ivanhoe, raised by a single mum alongside a brother and two sisters. Her early life taught her the value of unconditional love. Kathryn's excellence in sports in her youth earned her Australian Institute of Sport scholarships in gymnastics and diving, where she became an Australian champion and represented the country at the Junior World Championships in London.

Her diverse experiences include a stint as a stuntwoman, earning two degrees—an Arts Degree in Religious Studies encompassing Eastern Philosophy and Aboriginal Religion, and one in Fashion. Her fashion studies at RMIT saw her excel and earn the top student award for her outstanding talent.

Kathryn's wanderlust led her to travel extensively, including performing with the with the international physical theatre company Strange Fruit, taking her to destinations all over the world. Her 15 years of non-stop global touring influenced Gun Shy's creative vision.

Throughout her journey, Kathryn has explored filmmaking, theatre, burlesque, fashion art, love, heartbreak, and the creation of lifelong friendships. Her time in Berlin saw her establish her label, Upside Out, known for its inventive style and unique fashion shows. However, her heart eventually drew her back to Australia, where she completed her fashion degree at RMIT and founded Gun Shy.

Gun Shy's fashion transcends conventional boundaries, pushing the limits of wearability while remaining strikingly wearable. Each piece is a showstopper, exuding extravagance and luxury.

Gun Shy is for those who dare to stand out. When you wear Gun Shy, you become a mesmerizing presence that stops traffic and captures the gaze of onlookers. Kathryn's designs are a testament to the belief that life is short—fill it with love, adventure, vulnerability, fierceness, beauty, risk, joy, and, above all, fabulousness!

Top Photo:  Photograher/HMUA/Styling: Rachel Mia @rachel_mia_
Bottom Photo: Photographer: Evan Fowler