Gun Shy loves custom jackets. Creating special, one of a kind garments for customers, that they will love and cherish, is at the heart of the business.

A small explanation of the process is outlined in both the “Deluxe Custom” & “How I can help you get your dream jacket!“ sections of the website. However, a more detailed step by step of the process is outlined below.


  • Dream a Big Dream of owning your very own deluxe, one of a kind, Gun Shy custom jacket.
  • Set up a consultation time with Gun Shy. This can either occur in person if you are in Naarm at Gun Shy’s studio or online via Zoom.
  • At the consultation, your idea is discussed and designed. This includes faux fur options, lining options, closure options & any other details you want on your jacket. There are some things Gun Shy won’t do. These will be discussed with the client during the process. For example, the faux fur needs to be of a certain quality. Gun Shy will not create anything with a bad quality faux fur. The design process sometimes takes a small amount of time and other times it takes a few rounds. The key is to enjoy the process and trust that we will get there in the end. Creating a Gun Shy dream jacket should be fun after all.
  • After a delicious design process, an estimated quote for the piece is given. Usually Gun Shy will find out a rough ball park of what the client is willing to spend and will cater the design accordingly. Please see the “Money” section below for full details on quotes and payment.
  • Once the design is finalised, Gun Shy will send through a confirmation email of the design and all the details, including the official quote. This needs to be replied to as confirmation of the jacket. The confirmation email is very important. Clients should check details meticulously and make sure everything is correct. What is in the email, is what will be made. This is non-negotiable.
  • When all details of the design & quote are finalised, an invoice will be sent through.
  • 50% deposit needs to be paid for construction to begin. When the piece is completed, Gun Shy will contact the client to arrange for the invoice to be paid in full. When the invoice is finalised, delivery of the jacket is arranged. This is either pick up at the studio or free shipping.

Quote & Payment:

Quotes for work will be given 24 hours after the design has been finalised. Gun Shy holds the right to adjust the quoted price if the work expands after the initial quote price. All monetary quoting & details will be discussed with the client at all times. 

50% deposit of the overall cost of the piece needs to be paid for work to begin on the garment and the balance on completion.

Custom orders are usually paid using Xerox Invoices. Once price is finalised, an invoice will be sent through to the client via email. The invoice has options to pay in part via EFT. This is the usual way to pay the deposit. However, you can also just pay the full amount via credit card or PayPal.

Custom pieces can be treated like Lay-By’s. Your dream jacket can be paid off slowly, however, payments need to be made regularly. A small amount should be paid monthly to keep the lay-by going. Clients need to contact Gun Shy directly if payments can’t be made and alternatives will be discussed. Please See Lay-By Policy for further details.

Custom made pieces are non-refundable.


Due both to the complexity of the majority of the Gun Shy garments and an already existing workload, 6 weeks needs to be allowed for construction. Each one is crafted with care & the utmost attention to detail. The process of constructing a Gun Shy jacket is very time intensive & laborious

Getting a custom jacket is very exciting. Dream Big and get in contact.

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