I Want To Leave Editorial up on Subvrt Magazine


The clowns have taken over the world and the only viable option is to be abducted by aliens.

Space is the answer.

The Supreme Beings have contacted Earth.

They will only take a select few of the most fabulous.

One must dress to impress in order to increase their chances of alien abduction.

The competition is fierce.

Abduction day is upon us.

The Supreme Being above is all that everyone has dreamed of.

But who will they take?

Slay, lovers, Slay.

Check out this fierce Editorial up on Subvrt Mag. Click on the link below for full piece.



Creative Direction: Gun Shy @gun_shy_design

Photography: Alexis D. Lea Photography @alexisdleaphotography

Drag Artists:

Rosie Faux @rosiefauxostumery_

Ruby Slippers @rubyslippers

Prozac @ihateprozac

Styling: Hayley Van Ree @moosedoll

Jackets: Gun Shy @gun_shy_design

MUA: Drag Artists own looks

Undergarments: Drag Artists own looks

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